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Name Korea Resource and Environment Development (KOReD)
Demineralized water and ultra pure water system
Manufacturing of micro membranes for water treatment
CEO &
Kim Nam-Doo
♂ Head Office/R&D Center
Location 1110-Ho, Ace Techno Tower 10-Cha, Gasan-Dong 470-5, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
TEL 02) 2691-3386
FAX 02) 2607-3394
E-Mail kored@ekored.com

Apr. 1999 Founded
Dec. 2000 Agreement on the development of parts and components with Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE)
Dec. 2000 Acquired the certificate of venture business
(SMBA, No. 2000112438-5233)
Jun. 2001 Acquired the certificate for corporate research center
(KOITA, No. 20012056)
Aug. 2001 Agreement on the development project of next-generation core environment technology
Developed the MBR system and preparation submerged flat sheet membrane for wastewater treatment
Jan. 2002 Designated as Military Privilege Company who employees are exempt from military service
Jul. 2002 Selected as Innovation Business Company
(SMBA, No. 2011-0253)
Dec. 2002 Manufacturing of membrane materials and modules for water treatment
Jan. 2003 Re-certified as a venture company
(SMBA, No. 031124031-2-00097)
Apr. 2003 Flat sheet membrane modules and units, and manufacturing method of flat sheet membrane for water treatment
(Registered Utility Model)
Feb. 2004 Agreed to export submerged flat sheet membrane to Japan
Aug. 2004 Exported submerged flat sheet membranes to Japan
Jan. 2005 K-MBR was designated as new environment technology by Ministry of Environment
Jun. 2005 Selected as next generation core technology by Korea Institute of Environmental Science and Technology
Jul. 2005 Exported submerged flat sheet membranes to four countries including Australia
Aug. 2005 Designated a Promising Export Firm by Ministry of Korea
Oct. 2005 Established local office and joined the Science Park Project in Taiwan
Jun. 2006 Established local office and joined the Science Park Project in Taiwan
Oct. 2009 Business Collaboration with LG Electronics Inc
Mar. 2010 MOU of Water Treatment System Researching Fuel Cell MBOP (Mechanical Balance of Plant) with POSCON