About Us

With a higher level of technology, we value our customers' trust in us the most.

An eco-friendly company leading technology on the world stage


As a specialized water and air company, we have been preparing world-class technology for a long time.
Now, we are proud to stand comparison with world-class companies in the water and air field.
KOReD's technology, which is more recognized overseas, is well received for its quality and price. Compare our innovative technologies. With a higher level of technology, we value our customers' trust in us the most.

Kim Nam-doo, CEO of KOReD Co., Ltd.

Talent right for KOReD

Think in advance and be proactive and creative

Having secured the source technology that is the foundation for growth,
KOReD always welcomes talented people who will make fruit together.
The moment you choose KOReD, you become a leader in the industry.
We will create an environment where we can achieve and enjoy together beyond our efforts."

Main business areas

Head Office

Sewage and wastewater treatment using MBR

Advanced sewage and wastewater treatment

Wastewater Reclamation and Reusing System

Bio pharmaceutical wastewater treatment facility

Food treatment facility

Malignant wastewater with a lot of scale (paper, pharmaceutical, livestock, leachate)
Fish farm, river water treatment
Collection/treatment of green algae
Reuse of effluent and backwash water
R/O pretreatment
Manufacturing facilities of pure and ultrapure water

Indoor air quality purification facility

Odor removal facility

Membrane Filter Manufacturing Division

Affiliated R&D Center and Production Division
Manufacturing of flat sheet membranes

Manufacture of tubular microfiltration membrane

Manufacture of Mac filters

Manufacture of air purification filters

Company history

License and intellectual property rights

  • Acquires the certificate of venture company
  • Acquires the certificate of research center
  • Gets selected as an INNO-BIZ company
  • Gets designated as a promising export-oriented SME
  • Water Quality Environment Management agency business
  • Water Quality Environment specialized public works
  • ISO 9001/14001 certificates
  • Gets selected as an innovative SME (Main-Biz)
  • Gets selected as a company specializing in the manufacture of materials and parts
  • Patent registrations 16 case
  • Design registration 1 case
  • Trademark application 2 case
  • Certification of new technology Retained 1 case performance


#1110, Ace Techno Tower 10 cha, 196, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul (08502)
(T. 02-2691-3386 · F 02-2607-3394)